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Review Insurgent (2015): Bigger, better and superior to the Hunger Games franchise

genre: science fiction, adventure, action, drama

Insurgent is the sequel to Divergent and is one how I like all sequels to be. Bigger, better but staying true to the original. Insurgent continues where it left of and does not waste time to show the aftermath of the first part and how Tris and co are managing to survive not being part of the factions any more. I was impressed how Insurgent surpassed the original and was able to be suspenseful and thrilling throughout. It clearly is more action packed but in a very good way. I actually loved how these scenes were choreographed and how they never overstayed their welcome. Insurgent rarely slows down and when it does it usually is to build up some tension or dramatic event. Overall it is incredibly fast paced and quite a lot is happening. You can feel the scale of the events and how Insurgent Tris is impacting the world. I never felt that with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. In that sequel to The Hunger Games the audience is not shown in what way Katniss affects the world. We are told and we have to believe it does. Insurgent therefore also is much better than any part in The Hunger Games franchise. As a science fiction film Insurgent just as Divergent subtly confronts you with themes that matter but never moralizes too much. The audience for the most part can make up their own mind what they think of the events that are being displayed. Of course our main characters are immensely likable so you do automatically choose their side. I for one am loving this franchise and am really looking forward to the parts that follow. 

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