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Review Furious 7 a.k.a. Fast and Furious 7 (2015): Emotional thrill ride and very much worth your time!

genre: action, adventure

Furious 7 follows the direction this franchise was heading since the fifth part. Much less racing but compensated with crazy over the top (that's not possible still incredible fun) action. You would think that this seventh part would be even crazier. And strangely enough it doesn't. I will explain why. Don't worry there are enough action sequences that will boggle your mind however they tried to keep it a little moderate. I think they did that so that they could focus on some essential plot elements that needed closing. One is the Letty story line. Which I felt was surprisingly good although Mrs. P.  thought otherwise because of one line that was delivered a bit poorly. And the other one is of course is Brian's story. As we all know Paul Walker died during filming Furious 7 and I think every fan is wondering how they would implement that in the movie. To my surprise I can tell you it is one of the most heartfelt and touching send offs film makers could have given to an actor. Not going to deny I teared up big time. Then there is Jason Statham. One of the meanest and toughest villains ever put on screen. And he was marvelous. All in all this part if they would choose to do so can close the franchise superbly. However I just read that Vin Diesel has stated that Furious 7 is the start of a new trilogy. One part of me is very excited about this news. Another part of me is kinda skeptical about this. Unless they manage to bring something fresh into the mix or go back with focus on the racing. But we will have to see how it will turn out. For now I can surely recommend this. While Fast and Furious 6 is slightly better, this one is definitely worth your time and money. So go watch it now!

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