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Review Zwartboek a.k.a. Black Book (2006): Paul Verhoeven at his best!

genre: thriller, drama

Paul Verhoeven knows how to make a movie. Zwartboek is a thrill ride from the moment we get introduced by the main character portrayed by Carice Van Houten. The pace is fast and never lets down. At many scenes you will be wondering what is going on. Exciting and thrilling are keywords. But don't expect a real thriller or suspense with amazing twists. The twists and turns that are in the movie are not that original but the way Verhoeven brought it to the screen does make you wonder a lot of which direction it is heading. But the main attraction of this war movie has to be Carice van Houten. This actress manages to pull you in the story. She brings an intensity to the screen that only a few actors and actresses are able to do. You will love her and care for her. Through her you will experience what the Jews had to endure in the second world war and after. It also shows a little of the aftermath how collaborators were treated. Maybe understandable but at the same time very sickening.

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