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Review Sex Tape (2014) and Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)

genre: comedy

Both of the comedies have disappointed me so that I don't want to waste many words on them. That is the reason I combined them into this one article.


Sex Tape (2014)

The whole premise of this film is ridiculous from the start. Without going to deep into it it basically comes down to that this couple need to make sex exciting for them again and they resort to making a sex tape using a tablet from the company with the big fruit in the logo. Anybody with a little common sense would not use that tablet. Anyway I can kind of imagine that there are still people a little ignorant on these technological devices and their impact. And I don't think it is even that far fetched for a couple to make such a thing. In fact here they could have tried to depict a little better why for some couples the flame needs to be rekindled. I mean talk about exaggeration. Was I supposed to believe that this couple were in love? Somehow I had a hard time buying that. It would have been really nice would they have shown intimate moments between each other apart from sex. Still also something I could overlook. But what I did find idiotic was the fact that none of them had watched it back. They made it to then delete it without watching it. That simply does not make any sense. Isn't the whole point and thrill to be derived from watching yourself back in action? What would be the point of filming three hours of sex and then just delete it without watching it? And yes at the end they give an explanation for Jason Segel's character but not for Cameron Diaz's character who suggested it in the first place. The sex tape itself was far from exciting. At least the supposedly funny snippets we saw. Not a real spoiler more of a warning: prepared to get to see Jason Segel's ass. Not sensual, sexy or loving. In fact it shows that this couple or the film makers have no idea and imagination of how to make their sex look interesting. Or was that the joke I should be getting? There were moments I laughed briefly but that was merely out of shock regarding the dog in one scene. For the rest I simply could not believe these so called mature people and their actions. It went from bad to worse. That after all their adventures they suddenly see the light just because Jack Black compels them to is even more preposterous. 

Also what is it with the negativity in these comedies? If people truly believe these myths about marriage and having kids then why marry and have kids? Because most don't believe that bull crap. Life is what you make of it. And the same goes for marriage. Horrible Bosses 2 also seems to be looking up extremes. You don't need to go so far to spice up your sex life. But you do need imagination. There are so many things to try out and find out. And doing so is fun as well. No doubt having kids can make things challenging but come on you just have to be a little creative with your time and habits. Why not skip that lunch break and drive back home to surprise your spouse? Or give each other assignments for which you both can reward or punish each other at a time you are together alone. There are so many things you could do.

Have we seen this in this movie? No! I was never expecting this to be mature or intelligent. But a comedy is supposed to make you laugh yes? Instead of depressing you. As you can see I ended up using more words than I intended too. This little comedy is pathetic and a waste of your time. Skip it!

Then the sequel to a film that needed none.

Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)

This one I am going to be brief about. I saw this on New Year's eve and after I had drunk two bottles of Champagne and a little Scotch. But even then I had a hard time liking the first hour of this film. Not once did I laugh or found myself to be entertained. The next hour was more tolerable and that was only because of Jamie Fox who appears in this film briefly. Jennifer Aniston is kinda amusing but didn't really do it for me. The bloopers at the end believe it or not were the funniest thing of the this whole film. Trust me, avoid this one.

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