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Review Dr.Cabbie (2014)

genre: comedy, romance, drama

Dr. Cabbie might seem like an easy comedy that plays around with existing stereotypes of in this case mostly Indian immigrants. But deep down there are issues hidden that very subtly surface. I liked how they touched these issues slightly without forcing them on you. At the same time this film also avoids the traps of interracial romances. Well, for the most part and I myself found that very refreshing. But I can imagine that some people still very set in their old ways have trouble accepting that. Well, to those people I say, deal with it. For people not interested in anything social or political there is comedy and romance. I found myself laughing at most of the jokes even if it was a little predictable. And the same goes for the romance. However what did surprise me was how they managed to combine these genres with the drama. At certain points you truly cared for the characters and of what they are exposed too. They have done their best to make the characters truly likable and endearing. Which can be said of the whole movie. It was very endearing. I am a sucker for feel good movies and am willing to overlook a lot of sappiness and cheesiness. But that is because the director done a really good job mixing the genres up and bring out the strong but subtle messages that make this more than just a dime in a dozen comedies about immigrants. I recommend this one wholeheartedly, a must watch!

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