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Die Hard Clones / Rip offs (Christmas Rush and Demolition High)

On Boxing Day 2014 I found myself craving for non typical Christmas movies like Gremlins or Die Hard. Which got me to look for films similar to Die Hard that I had not seen yet. These will mostly be B titles or TV movies. In this post I will start off with two titles and then continually will update this on page called Die Hard Clones / Rip offs. The goal is to make the list as complete as possible to include every title I have seen but not have written a review for yet including the A titles.

The first one I want to discuss is. I already did this in my post Christmas 26-december 2014 (Boxing Day). But I thought it deserves to be mentioned on the page as well. So here goes.

Christmas Rush a.k.a. Breakaway 
(2002 TV Movie) 

genre: action, thriller 

Christmas Rush is one of the better Die Hard clones that does a lot of things right. Here and there it's a little slow but at least redeems itself in the end with a feel good moment. Cheesy and a little too forced perhaps? Yes, it is but I liked it anyway. Christmas movies are supposed to be like this and it sure beats those endings where things just end without showing gratitude for the hard work that is done by the main character. Besides Dean Cain carries the film quite nicely and he is quite convincing as an action star. Edit 29 December 2014: Eric Roberts as the villain is not entirely evil and actually wants to handle things as cleanly and professional as possible. And actually has a better reason to get hands on the money instead of greed. It was a nice little touch. 

The second one I want pay attention to is Demolition High as it really surprised me in how good it was.

Demolition High (1996)

genre: action, thriller

Corey Haim as misunderstood and unwanted hero ? Alan Thicke as hard boiled cop? Villains that are a little too clumsy for their own good? A woman who has some anger issues? Dick van Patten as General? Demolition High has quite a few ingredients to ensure a very bad viewing experience. But guess what? This is actually an incredibly, fast paced, action flick that is very enjoyable. And the one reason is that this film never takes itself too seriously. Corey Haim's one liners are not hard hitting or funny like for example those uttered by Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger.  But they are effective nonetheless since they remind the audience that none of what occurs matters that much. I mean the fact that Corey Haim very easily kills bad guys without ever getting distraught or affected in some way or form makes you wonder how though the Bronx really is (Cory Haim's character Lenny Slater supposedly comes from the Bronx and he knows how to handle himself)?  While everything comes across as pretty bad and very low budget there is a lot of energy that made it a lot of fun for me. Certainly one of the better Die Hard clones. 

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