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Christmas 26 December 2014 (Boxing Day): Despicable Me 2, Book Life and Christmas Rush.

Today I watched some animation movies that aren't really Christmas movies but also do make you feel good at the end. Or at least one of them does. 

The first I watched was:

Despicable Me 2

genre: animation, comedy

At first glance Despicable Me 2 seems just as good as the original. But further down you will notice it lacks on many fronts. It still is filled with good stuff yet somehow it never reaches real momentum like the original did. Solid but very forgettable.

After this I watched:

Book of Life  (2014)

genre: animation, comedy, drama, romance

This animated movie really surprised me. In fact I was wowed. From start till finish I loved it. I did not expect to laugh as much and at the same time be moved many times. While I am not Mexican I could feel the pride about the tale that was told. Which included Day of the Dead and a lot of the Mexican culture. And all of it was depicted in a very positive way. Book of Life shows the beauty of what the Mexican culture has to offer but also is beautifully animated. Incredibly colorful and yet authentic. And then the themes like life, death and love that pass by in just 95 minutes. Above all it has almost everything you want from a feel good animated movie. What are you doing reading this still. Go buy it. It's a must watch and must own!

Then after this one very yummy food and exhaustion got the better of me and I dozed off. After a short nap I decided I felt like a Christmassy action film. And I found this one.

Christmas Rush a.k.a. Breakaway (TV Movie 2002)

genre: action, thriller, die hard clone

Christmas Rush is one of the better Die Hard clones that does a lot of things right. Here and there it's a little slow but at least redeems itself in the end with a feel good moment. Cheesy and a little too forced perhaps? Yes, it is but I liked it anyway. Christmas movies are supposed to be like this and it sure beats those endings where things just end without showing gratitude for the hard work that is done by the main character. Besides Dean Cain carries the film quite nicely and he is quite convincing as an action star.

Overall with a grand Christmas dinner at my parents and some good movies to watch after in my own home I think this day was rather successful.

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