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Review Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013)

genre: animation, comic book, super hero

Since The Flash (2014) skipped a week of broadcasting I found myself craving some Flash action and decided to watch this movie. I wasn't expecting this to be so dark and so gloomy. Especially not this violent. When it comes to alternative story lines I have mixed feelings. Most of the time it gives writers the freedom to mess around with characters you know and love and often not in the way you like it. In this almost all of the characters act and are differently somehow. Except for The Flash. It is compelling to see how he overcomes all of the darkness and brings us what we so love in a Super hero movie. I mean the ending got me teared up and cheering. The animated movie is fast paced and action packed. And I must admit while being familiar with most of the heroes some I did not recognize and at times I could not follow of what was going on. Lot of scenes must have been cut to keep it fast but in the process only made it confusing. However the end makes up for the flawed storytelling and makes this one of the better films in the DC Animated movies franchise. It also ties in to the background of The Flash which is always welcome. Very good watch!

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