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Review Dracula Untold (2014)

genre: action, adventure, fantasy

Dracula is an origin story that attempts to make vampires cool again as opposed to those glittery ones and succeeds. It is one of the first that shows how powerful Dracula can be. I personally enjoyed most of the action sequences where Dracula uses his powers creatively. But I do think the story and the drama elements are a little lacking or too simplified. I noticed some similarities to the stories of videogames Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 1 and 2. Too much of a coincidence for the director not to admit he was at least inspired by them. But if he was then he did not copy the best part of those games. The complexity of Dracula. Now I understand he sacrificed the depth to keep the film action packed and fast paced. Still in some scenes it is obvious that Dracula Untold is begging for more thrills and intrigue suspense wise. Luckily Luke Evans as Dracula is magnificent and compensates the lack of. He makes his character compelling. And he is one of the main reasons that this film remains interesting. Another reason of course is the CGI. It was flamboyant when needed and down to earth to prevent it from becoming over the top. Always important to keep the special effects balanced. The finale made up for a lot of flaws and shortcomings that are present in the movie. And it is almost regrettable that it feels rushed. However it is clear they are setting up for a sequel and I am really looking forward to that. Because the finale shows elements of how strong it can become. Overall I really enjoyed this. Do realize that this is a more action orientated film than horror.

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