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Super hero / Science Fiction Weekend 25 and 26 October 2014

This weekend I tasked myself of watching all kinds of super hero and science fiction movies but mostly focused on the rare and titles that are considered lesser ones in the genre. I will discuss each title in the order that I have seen it and will link to a more elaborate review if I find a title is deserving. The first title I have seen is:

Nick Fury: Agent of Shield (1998)

To be fair this could have been a decent TV film. If the cast involved had not been told they were part of an adaptation of a comic book. Most of them obviously ham up their roles because of it. Recent comic book adaptations have showed us you can have all the fantastic extravaganza you want as long as the people try to stay true to the source material and treat it more seriously. And I have to give it to David Hasselhoff, he is one of the few that truly tries to. Everyone else though fail miserably. Add to this that the story and events don't Nick Fury much to do. In fact it never really becomes clear why Nick Fury is so special. I was waiting for at least a few moment where somehow they would surprise me but sadly I have to report there is no redeeming factor for watching this at all. Complete waste of time.

After trying to overcome some serious fatigue due to Nick Fury I felt like a monster movie would do the trick to get me into higher spirits. (I was wrong): 

Rebirth of Mothra II (1997)

On a whim I watched this one and regretted it only five minutes into it. I mean I don't mind it if a movie is aimed at kids but that does not mean you have to dumb it down. Most kids aren't stupid. The only reason why this Kaiju movie is remotely interesting is because of the monsters and their fights. Just ignore the annoying actors, story (is there even a story in this one?) and everything else that does not have to do with the monsters.

At this point I was like, ok what the hell, you can't floor me, give me all the badness you got. (Again I was wrong, the movie underneath will take you out stone cold):

Black Scorpion (1995)

Honestly  I don't know what to make this one. On the one hand it wants us to take the vigilante Black Scorpion portrayed by Joan Severance seriously and on the other hand it does it's best to create a comic book world with some adult overtones. Joan Severance for me was what made everything interesting because she sure was sexy. I am not sure how practical her suit was since it barely covers her but I am the last one to complain about that. The other thing that stands out is the computer car. You really have to see it to believe it. Everything else is incredibly bad to average. In my opinion not worth your time.

I needed a long break after this one since bad movie titles do wear me out. Say what you want but there are film makers out there that know how to make good bad movies. Because despite what people think those usually do understand their trade and have a good idea of what people seem to like the best. Then you have the pretentious ones that think they do but only manage to tire and bore or even kill you. After the break I decided to watch:

Next on the list is:

Iron Sky (2012)

The only reason I gave this a shot was because I had seen Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning as it parodied but also paid tribute to Star Trek and Babylon 5. And I loved this fan made affair since it was crazy good. I was hoping that Iron Sky would meet this or at least exceed Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning. And it never does. It's not a bad movie but it does miss the mark completely because it simply is not funny enough. Most events you can't take real seriously although it is obvious that this film tries real hard to convey a political message which is very admirable but takes away from the fun. The whole premise begs for over the top craziness. To then not deliver hurts the enjoyment. Disappointing. 

Then I watched:

Batman: Assault on Arkham (2014)

Ok, I admit it, I enjoyed it. It was incredibly fast paced and action packed. Plus even when Batman is not featured as the main character he does show why he is one of the coolest Super heroes ever created. Still with so many villains thrown into the mix you would expect a little more. More background on some of the characters like Deadshot for example would have been nice. Or less of The Joker. You did not need him at all. In fact he is a huge distraction. Also this title did not feel like it was tied to the video games at all. Seems like they used that angle to draw a bigger audience than usual. Shame on you DC. Entertainment. 

Feeling psyched I felt bold and tried:

The Specials (2000)

A parody on Superheroes that fails to be sharp and funny. I like dialogue if it feels natural or engaging. But a movie filled with dialogue and nothing else to visually back it up is incredibly poor. You don't always need special effects or action scenes to pack a punch but you do have to show something to make it worth your wile otherwise I could have been listening to this on the radio. For some reason this flick has reached cult status. And probably because it is cool to think so even when it is not. Cause I can guarantee you this is a gigantic waste of your time. Stay away from this.

After a long break I thought I try out:

This was all I could take. Maybe I should have chosen better but I was thinking I have to watch some of these titles eventually, why not do it now. Also because of these titles it makes you appreciate the decent and better ones a whole lot more. Feel free to comment. Because I am really interested what your take is on all of this.

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