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Review Krrish 3 (2013)

genre: action, adventure, science fiction

This title would give the idea there is a kkrish 1 and 2 but in fact this is not the case. Kkrish 3 however is the third in a series. With first movie being Koi...Mil Gaya (2003) and the second one Kkrish (2006). I am not sure why they did this because it's quite confusing. Especially since there is almost 7 years in between Kkrish and Kkrish 3. It did made me wonder for a minute if I missed Kkrish 2. Anyways I digress. Let me get to heart of the matter. Rakes Roshan did something a lot of other Bollywood film makers could learn from. He tries to make films that are more appealing to a wider audience internationally but also are a little bigger than the usual Bollywood blockbuster. There aren't many Indian science fictions movies let alone well made ones. Despite the Kkrish series being flawed and not holding up quite to the Hollywood counterparts the ambition and heart behind it is something we should recognize and appreciate. Of course a production like this is flawed. I would be the first to admit that a lot of what you see in this film has been copied from other similar movies and is not really original. But in case you aren't aware. That is not the point of a super hero movie. a good super hero movie's aim is to entertain and make you feelgood in the end. So instead of focusing on the flaws I will be focusing on the good elements and explain why Kkrish 3 is an excellent super hero movie in it's own right.

1. Good versus Evil.

Most super hero movies are about the battle between good and evil. Naturally there are some films that try to be more sinister and darker. But the really good ones know that they should keep it simple. It is something a lot of people can relate to. Kkrish 3 does this very well. You are presented with a super hero that tries to do good whenever and wherever he can plus you have a villain that is selfish and only wants to destroy.

2. Super villain Kaal

You can't get nastier than this guy. He is as evil as they come and it is exactly what a movie like this needs to show the contrast. Vivek Oberoi is quite good as the very angry villain that has no good in him whatsoever. He does make some questionable costume choices but what do you expect from someone that doesn't care about anything other than himself.

3. Super hero Krrish

Hritik Roshan returns as Krrish and shows to us why he is someone to be loved. He tells everyone that he has rescued that they also have the power in them to do what is right and good and that they also can be named Krrish. Now granted this part did not work out so well in the end but it does send out a positive message that one should take to heart. In a world where darkness and cynicism grows it is good to be positive once in a while. Is it a little too pretentious? Perhaps but I for one could sense the sincerity so for me that is a huge plus.

4. The visuals

It is easy to go overboard and make it ridiculous. Now Kkrish does has it's share of some flamboyance but for the most part remains constrained and keeps the mayhem restricted so that it never becomes too distracting or tedious. Most effects look very professional especially compared to what you usually would see in a Bollywood Blockbuster film plus it's very effective as it is offers very exciting eye candy.

5. You feel good at the end.

This in my opinion is very important for movies like these. Together with the heroes you go on this journey and on the end of this journey you want to be rewarded. And Krrish 3 does this really well. It builds events moderately paced to then shift into next gear towards the finale compelling you with splendid action, thrills and few surprises. But most importantly gives you a satisfying ending that makes you feel really good.

These last days I have been watching some rare, older and newer lesser super hero movies and I am fully capable of enjoying the cheesy and cheap ones but even I have my limits. Then it does get to me that when a decent one comes along that people criticize a film so harshly. Even when it is one that delivers on all the good elements of what a good superhero movie should consist of. And to all of you people saying how it's not original. That is rich. Like 95 percent of Bollywood Masala movies are basically the same. The only thing that changes are the actors and the songs. At least a movie like Krrish 3 tries to take Indian cinema a step further. For this alone it should be praised. But above this it manages to entertain you and deliver a film that easily can measure with the Hollywood ones surely deserves better recognition. That is if you can let go of what a Bollywood Masala movie should contain. Because honestly people aren't you getting tired of having super long dance and song sequences that take you away from the story?

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