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Review Touchback (2011)

genre: drama, sports, fantasy

To me Touchback seemed like it was going to be a movie about American Football like any other. And for a like fifteen or twenty minutes you really think you can predict how the story plays out. Ex quarterback injured down on his luck and will get back on his feet through Football. Then something happens and the story changes considerable. Once this special event occurs you will notice some familiarities with one of the best movies ever made, It's a wonderful life. Then it becomes apparent that this film has some deeper themes. And these themes are universal so anyone can relate to it in one way or another. Some of them are obvious but there are also subtle ones playing in the background that make you think. So this movie will get to you. This movie is all about being and staying positive. What I really enjoyed about Touchback that it did not need bad guys or particular bad events to make the story more spicy. Touchback very cleverly avoids the trappings normally used in sports movies. It tries to keep it real as much as possible. With the end result to really have gone through an emotional journey and feeling very good and inspired. Overall I would like to see more like these. I can't get enough of them. A must watch!

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