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Review Horns (2014): Ig (Daniel Radcliffe) will steal your heart!

genre: thriller, horror, fantasy

Horns is quite a remarkable combination of genres that for the most part keeps you on your toes. It really makes you invest in the main character Ig (Daniel Radcliffe) with minimal effort. A lot of credit has to go to Radcliffe, he has come a long way acting wise and it shows. He handles the adult themes real well and is very believable. Whenever he is on the screen he steals it. Plus he manages to show different sides to his character that also constantly makes you wonder where it is heading. Just when you think you got it, the film goes into another direction. Horns is a lot of fun since it doesn't spell out things for you. Although it does not leave a moment alone to tease you with one certain idea. For a film dealing with a death that is very tragic and dramatic there is surprisingly a lot of comedy in it. And very welcome also because it keeps events light. Although I do think that Horns would have benefited from a tighter pacing. It does take it's sweet time to get to the resolve even when some of the mysteries are quite clear already. Still not that much of an issue since Horns is filled with little surprises when you least expect it. I thoroughly enjoyed Horns and I surely can recommend it.

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