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Review Super (2010)

genre: drama, crime, comedy

Super is supposedly a darkly but funny vigilante movie that is going to depress you. Expecting something more along the line of Defendor (2009) I could not believe what was being displayed here. Maybe this is an anti vigilante movie and trying to tell people the harsh reality of what it entails. In that light it has succeeded. If only that point of view is not shared by everyone. I personally do think the people who one day decide to dress up and fight crime do mean well. In this film they are being made fun of in a very disgusting way. Especially because almost every meaningful character in this film is certified or insane. When we are first introduced to the main character Frank Darbo played by Rainn Wilson he has our sympathy. That does not last however since very quickly we discover that something is wrong with him. When Ellen Page comes into the mix a strange film goes over the top and gets bizarre. Here is where the mockery of vigilante superheroes increases. And not in a fun way. It has to be said the take on this is interesting at first. It shows promise of an intriguing character study where different sides of this character is examined and shown to us. However that never happens. The main character never changes and there is no depth too him at all. And that simply is not realistic. Even when people seem to be simple there is always more to a person especially when is hinted he or she is mentally unstable or ill. Which we don't get to see. We get to see Frank beating up guys with a wrench in a way that at one point loses it's edge and becomes tiresome. When this occurs you simply struggle to keep watching. At the end you feel dirty and will despise Super. To those people who keep defending this and say that there is more to this film I say bullocks. The director conveniently makes caricatures of characters to prove his point. That is not hard to do. It would have been more admirable if he had tried to show the complexities people have and have more well rounded characters running around who did good and bad things. Because believe it or not event the most evil persons can do good things. Even if I wanted to accept the director's view on things his Super lacks contrast. The drama and seriousness does not mix well with the comedy as there barely are funny bits to be enjoyed. It's all very serious and violent without offering some relief.  I am no fan of the Kick Ass franchise but at least that offered entertainment if you looked hard enough. Still I am not going to recommend that one over this. Because in my opinion Defendor though seems the only one to be genuine and have heart. So I suggest avoiding Super and go watch Defendor instead. 

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