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Review Locke (2013): "Hardy is a one man tour de force". No, he was not.

genre: drama

"Hardy is a one man tour de force". No, he was not. He was decent and at times good but tour de force. Not in this film. I guess he did what he think he could within the limitations of the premise and the setting. But in my opinion not enough. Locke is one extremely selfish and cold hearted bastard. He could have proved us otherwise by showing us some struggle or pain. And sure people could say he is the introverted type that does not show emotion quickly. That would have been a good point except when he does show it when something work wise is not going properly. Here is a man that puts a lot of people on the spot emotion wise because he did not have the guts to confront them early on. Now suddenly because of an event that comes up he feels the need to confess that would put everyone in an emotional uproar. But he is far too relaxed and calm himself when it comes to his personal life and shows more emotion concerning his work. In my opinion it's good to be passionate about your work. However it should never surpass the passion and love for your loved ones. This is something that comes apparent right from the start making him unlikable which sadly does not change. Locke is not going through emotions. He is not dealing with stuff. He has made his decision. And only is informing the people that concerns this information. Every time when he has the chance to evoke sympathy and do the right thing he is negligent and a coward. In fact he is a coward through and through. And all this time I was hoping he would redeem himself in some way. That he would say and do something to make it all worth the view. And he does not. 

This is the whole movie. Every scene is like this. Hardy does a good job of keeping you interested within this setting but not enough to not let you down.  

This begs the question, what was the point of this film? Was it to show us that in some companies if one man for whatever reason is absent and can't perform his job properly that other people can't do the job for him. I mean talk about incompetence. Or was it to show that sometimes life does not go as you plan and that when something comes your path you just have to accept it and move on. Very nice lesson the latter if only Locke would do exactly this. He does not move on. He does not deal with anything. He just drives as he says himself. While the movie Locke is not boring it does fail to deliver. Immediately after realizing what is going on I already knew this was not going to have a satisfying conclusion. The character Locke is not that compelling as promised. For a film that has a fixed setting and location you have to get the thrills or tension from another place. In this case it could have been the emotions of the main character. Damn our luck that this is one of the most composed people in existence. Or simply a man that does not care about much. Visually this is boring. We can't see what is going inside him. That is something you have to show and express. And it rarely happens. I have given this film a proper chance and I have to conclude that this has been a big waste of my time.

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