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Review The Counselor (2013)

genre: crime, drama, thriller

A pretentious film that is filled with powerful performances and dialogue that will drive you insane. A film that compels in many ways but also will disgust and depress you. Is this worth your time? A question that is hard to answer in this case, because while I found The Counselor to be too ridiculous for words I could not stop watching it. There is something about it that made me keep watching. And it is hard for me to tell you why that is. It could be the stylish cinematography and the direction. It certainly was not the story. Because believe it or not there hardly is one. This whole movie leans on the absurd performances. Most of the characters are over the top. Except for Penelope Cruz who is very charming but somehow feels like she does not belong. Cameron Diaz's performance can be looked at many ways and I am still not entirely sure what to make of it. Is she hamming it up? Or is she playing the cold hearted bitch we know she can play very well times ten? Here is a gif that shows you what you can expect from her in this.

Yes, this really is in this serious crime drama. She is fucking the car. I am sorry that I have to put it like this. But it is the best description of this scene. Or perhaps I could say she is fucking Reiner (Bardiem) and the audience. Does this scene tells us anything worth wile?  It's not enticing, erotic or sensual in the slightest. Actually it is a scene that really makes you scratch your head and distracts you completely. So the catfish remark means she is shaven and it seems to have this sucking effect? That must be it, EEEEW!!!  It only confirms if this wasn't clear enough for you from earlier scenes that Makina (Diaz) is certified and someone to look out for. I don't know what other purpose this might have (if you know then please feel free to tel me).

But the worst has yet to be discussed. And it is not the few gruesome scenes that are present, because those are pretty tolerable compared to other crime movies. The worst is the dialogue. And I am sure a lot of people will defend it and will say there is a point to this dialogue and it is meaningful and philosophical. That may very well be. But if if every conversation in a movie feels like someone is reciting a poem or philosophy book when you are discussing mundane things then that is overestimation of the highest order. I get that the writer wants us to tell us his view on life and the meaning of it. And in the right mindset one could appreciate it if not for the context. It simply does not fit. It's just there to mask the vulgarity and cruelties that are being discussed or displayed. At times most of what you see can come across as comical. Not in a good way. Why keep having these silly conversations without showing us what the characters are about. We are supposed to go on this journey with our main character Counselor (he remains nameless played by Michael Fassbender) only they never shows us what he is really about. It's only because of the way he performs you can evoke a little sympathy. Even then he doesn't really do much. You see him go from scene to scene engaging talks but rarely do we get to see what the deal is with him. Of course you could make it up for yourself. But exactly here lies my problem with pretentious films. They often are so abstract that any one can fill in the blanks as they see fit. (That is far from clever.) Which is fine as long as there is some point to it. You do have to lead people somewhere. Usually that happens when you make it clear to the audience what the options are in the first place. Here you are left in the dark right from the start. You get to see a glimpse of our Counselor without knowing why things are happening. It makes everything incredibly boring and like I said if it weren't for the good acting and the distinctive style of Ridley's Scott direction I would not have been able to watch this drivel. So is this worth your time? It really depends on what you are watching for. If you are watching to be thrilled or see some good action, stay away. If you want to see some good acting then yes, I do think then you will be able to enjoy this film a little better. But even then it is a hard pill to swallow. 

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