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Review Transcendence (2014)

genre: science fiction, drama

The premise is a real interesting one. In combination with the excellent cast you would think this film would offer some true insight and compelling story. However it never really does. It's painfully slow and uneventful and everything you see unfold is either predictable or too unbelievable. I don't mind that some things are over the top. In fact I would love it if it had been more so. What I do mind is that the film takes itself too serious and is very pretentious but doesn't really offer something to let you ponder about. Transcendence does make a mockery out of current technology and shows the film makers have no understanding of this whatsoever. But all of this I could have lived with if they even tried to tell us a good story with strong characterization . None of actors impressed. All of them felt wasted as I felt no sympathy for them at all. How can you tell a story without me caring for the characters? And on top of that to make seem all those ridiculous events as something that could transpire for real. This movie is so serious that everything becomes laughable at one point. I am sorry to say as I hoped this would be so much better but Transcendence is a giant waste of your time!

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