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Review Brick Mansions (2014): Any movie with RZA in it is doomed from the start!

genre: action

Amazing and astonishing how they could screw up the original this bad. After hearing the news of Brick Mansions coming out and being a remake of Banlieue 13 I had mixed feelings but was hopeful that a remake with original cast member David Belle (founder Parkour) would at least offer some decent action and stunts. Well, David Belle never ceases to amaze but his awesomeness got severely handicapped by some of the most awful dubbing ever. What? Dubbing? You heard right. Seems like that the producers thought David Belle's English wasn't good enough or maybe hard to understand that they decided to dub his voice. It stands out so much that it completely distracts you from what is going on in the scene. If you manage to ignore this and finally are ready to enjoy the almost scene for scene remake (but without the excellent choreography and camera work) then RZA enters. The moment that happened I knew this film was going to suck big time. RZA can't act if his life depended on it. He has proven this in several outings and it is almost praise worthy how such a terrible actor keeps getting significant roles. I mean how is this possible? I am sorry to say, but late Paul Walker also disappoints. He simply does not belong in this flick especially because of what is asked of his role. In the original David and Cyril Raffaelli showed what they they were best at and had very good chemistry. They really rocked B13 and made it one of the best action movies featuring Parkour ever. Paul Walker was not a martial artist or stunt man. No matter how many tricks they used in this movie that becomes apparent. Begs the question why they asked him to do this role. His chemistry with David Belle is non existent. And he does not add something to this film at all. Then there is the direction. Camile Delamarre has no real experience directing. His credentials are mainly of being an editor for titles as Taken 2, Lockout and Colombiana. It's a mystery to me why he would not be able to just copy the original and paste it. No, he had to go all fancy and use stylish camera shots which on top of that were heavily edited showing that he absolutely has no idea that the already super stylish Parkour does not need trickery of any kind. Next to this he simply has no concept of good movie making. Not going to waste more words on this. Just ignore this trash and go watch the original five times over. I can assure you that even the fifth time it will be superior to Brick Mansions. (This is to emphasize how poor this remake is. In hindsight Banlieue 13 is not really that good either but at least offers more than this atrocity.)

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