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Save The Internet

One of the aims of the fathers of the internet was to provide information to the public more easily and free so that everyone could benefit from it. Now a lot of powerful institutions and governments want to put a stop to this because they want to control the information. Resulting in having to pay for services and info that used to be free. And one even bigger consequence is censorship. Information will be held back or edited so that the real truth does not get revealed to you. Censorship is always a bad thing people. Always. It's a direct assault on our freedom of speech. And freedom in general. I can't stress enough that when it comes to freedom we should do whatever we can to take a stand against it. So please do whatever you can to spread the word and take action to prevent the increasing threat to our freedom. 

Fight for your rights people, Fight for your freedom. Because that is what is at stake here. And no, it won't resolve on it's own. We have to do something. So act now!

As you can see you are not on your own!

Artists like Mark Ruffalo, Michael Stipe and Evangeline Lilly also have come into action as they also know they have a lot to lose. 

Here is something I wrote on Facebook that I think should be said. Because for some reason a lot of people don't or refuse to see the importance of this topic. 

I am going to say this. I don't care if I offend some of you because this comes straight from the heart and is very important for everyone in this world.. A few days ago I shared /posted an article about our freedom on the Internet being diminished or coming to a stop. I get 1 reaction to it. Most of you are frequent users of Facebook and you go about your business as you are entitled to. But do you people realize that one day you won't be able to do even the simplest things you are used to doing. Since either you have to pay or is not allowed any more. Do you think I post articles like these for the fun of it. Or that I truly care for our future and that of our children. What world do you want to leave behind for them? I am angry at you people for not caring or at least take an interest. If you do not understand what is going on then at least ask about it and I will gladly reply. What does it take these days to get through to people? Just think of all the information being controlled by the powers that be. Do you think they will have your best interest or just their own? Not caring or not being interested for something this big is inexcusable and sickening. Yes, it makes me sick, disgusted and ashamed of humanity in general. It is not a lot I ask here. It is not that I ask you doing me a favour. I ask of you to care for yourself and your offspring and everybody that matters to you. Being left in the dark, not knowing what is going on in the world will one day be a reality. Not being told the truth is a bad thing people. Sure sometimes it hurts and you don't want to hear it. But at least you will have the option to take it to heart or ignore it. If choice is non existent you know how dull and boring life will be? Also if information is controlled. What do you think the consequences will be for education? Do you think that will be any good if facts and truth are discarded. Of course not, it will be useless. Education won't mean anything and bang there goes another important element of your future. There is so much at stake here and the indifference is incredibly worrying and dangerous. It's not too late. It is never too late. But please people if we stop caring what point is there? Isn't caring what makes us people so special and unique. Isn't that what makes us strong. Don't disqualify something just because it sounds boring or political. Always stay on top of the news. Stay informed. 

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