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Review Second String (2002)

 genre: sports, comedy, drama

Second String is a dime in a dozen feel good sports movie. It doesn't do anything new or fresh but nevertheless it entertains. The main character sometimes faces problems that feel a bit forced and superficial although it is something that kind of is required for movies like this. It's one of those stories that in my humble opinion never gets tiring. Underdogs come on top again. The one thing that stuck out for me was how the character of Jon Voight was so inadequate and lazy to work with what he got. Something doesn't work in the field, "get me a new player." When this new star player arrives, he fails to do the one thing that should always matter in sports like these. You have to play as a team. But the fact that this character does not even try to make an effort into shaping up his players seems like he is an incredible bad coach to me. Is he not the one to bring the best out of a player? Is this a flaw of the commercialization of sports or just sheer laziness? Any one can win with a team of star players. But a proper coach who against all odds manages to inspire and motivate his players and then wins, now that is a coach. Anyways the acting is decent and the american football matches are exciting to watch. I don't know what else to tell you. Certainly worth your time!

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