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Review The Replacements (2000)

 genre: comedy, sports

A feel good sports movie that does not do anything new but entertains through and through. Everything is predictable which does not matter. Because it makes you laugh and cry out against the villainy types. It also offers a little criticism towards the attitude of current professional players in sports. I wished they would have gone full out on that but I guess they did not want to piss people of too much. So things are kept light. Most of the characters are colorful enough and right from the start you know you are going to like them. It's always fun to root for the underdogs and here it is no different. I really enjoyed how the action was filmed and the incredibly heart pumping soundtrack made everything so much better. I think a lot of film makers should pay much more attention to this also since it really improves the viewing experience. Other than that not more I can say.

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