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Review Non-Stop (2014): I have a particular set of skills and I need more than one movie to display them.

genre: action, thriller

Non-Stop is exciting and entertaining as long as it lasts. It won't leave a lasting impression but does do a few things right to make it worth your while. It keeps you guessing about the villain and makes it fun to find out who it is. Almost every character apart from Liam Neeson is a suspect. Liam provides the weight and drama to his role without actually knowing his background. We know enough to know he is a stand up guy and that is all that matters. Ever since Liam Neeson became a fully fledged action hero I have enjoyed watching him doing his thing. And Non-Stop offers more of the same. Now Non-Stop is not tense and tight throughout. There are moments when it loses steam where it becomes clear that the story could have been improved on but it does compensate these with climatic over the top and unbelievable events that are incredible fun. Overall a good action thriller. 

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