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Chinese Puzzle a.k.a. Casse-tête chinois (2013)

genre: comedy, drama, romance

Chinese Puzzle is a little movie that is very charming and fresh. Most characters are very likable but also very flawed.. A few of them will do questionable things morally that undoubtedly will start up some discussions. No real judgement is given to these actions and leaves it up to the viewer what they think of it. And that is nice. However some decisions especially the one in the end won't make sense. Now I just read that Chinese Puzzle is the third part in a trilogy and that it might be required to have seen L'auberge espagnole (2002) and Les Poupées Russes (2005) since the same characters are featured. And naturally their behaviour and characteristics would make more sense if we would have seen how they have progressed and evolved. Still not being aware of this it is a flaw in story telling. A little recap of important events would have been very welcome. And very much needed in relation to the ending. The main character out of the blue makes a decision that feels rushed and completely ruined the vibe of the film. There has not been any build up to this moment in this part. I could not believe that a film that made no harsh judgement and left things open for the viewer to fill in themselves. Suddenly throws in an resolve for the main character that spells out what should happen and then completely ignores what is proposed. Resulting in one of the most unsatisfying endings in romcom history. Now, that being said. Chinese Puzzle is far from a waste of time. Like I said before there is a lot of charm to it and keeps you entertained overall. I do feel compelled to watch the earlier parts to see how much it affects my sentiments on this one. And will update this review if it is required. 

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