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Review Need for Speed (2014): The speed force is not big in this one!

 genre: action, racing

An adaptation of a very successful game franchise that knows how to recreate the feeling you get when you are actually racing at very high speeds. Is this the movie adaptation that will succeed where other have failed? Is this the one that will pump adrenaline in your blood in the same fashion as the games did? 

Well, let me be very brief about that. NO! It does not capture anything of what the games were about. It is more focused on drama that is so simple and ineffective it simply is no fun anymore. Ok. Not a big deal. Is Need for Speed at least fun? Is it anything like that hugely popular film franchise that still inspires people to play with cars and cause mayhem on the roads. The comparison to Fast and Furious is easily made and for people expecting more of the same let me warn you right now. This ain't Too Fast and Furious. This is more "Too Lazy to put in effort to make something good". When it comes to movies like these I don't find plot and character development all that interesting but Need for Speed does exactly that and focuses on this. If then the story at least would have been fresh or remotely interesting then of course I would have welcomed it. Instead we are getting a below average plot and belove average characters that do things that will make you scratch your head. One scene in particular comes to mind. In that scene a crew member who has an office job decided to quit because the main character requires his help. Normal people would just walk out. This guy takes of his clothes, walks around naked and molests a female co worker. Why? Why? Why? To emphasize these characters are wild and out there? For comic relief? It was real saddening and did not make any sense at all. When one of the other characters asks why he is naked, he gets as reply that he needed to make sure he was fired. In another world in another movie this might have had the desired effect. Here it felt so needless and tiring. Scenes like these just took away from the film where it tried to be serious. Say what you want about Fast and Furious. At least in those movies they knew how to balance out comedy and drama. What about the racing scenes, the action? Is it worth it? Again, no it is not. It can't measure up to any of the cgi sequences even in the oldest Need for Speed games. So what is the point? None. Spare yourself the trouble. Avoid this!

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