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Review The Physician a.k.a. Der Medicus (2013)

genre: adventure, drama

The Physician is a film that is an old school adventure drama that takes you on a journey with all kinds of dramatic events but in the end will make you feel good. Right from the start it is obvious that a lot of soul and heart has been put into this project. Everything from the cinematography to the acting is superb. This is a movie that made me care about the characters and the story. And I can honestly say that it has been a while that a movie excited me to this level. Therefore so frustrating and infuriating to see such a gem not getting the attention and praise it is deserving off. The Physician is a film that pays a lot of attention to details that make all the difference. If you look into the backgrounds in certain scenes you get a good picture of what life must have been like in those days. And it does this without distracting you from the main story. It also does not shy away showing you some of the horrors of that time. Which is also very important to be aware off. Since it actually helps you explain why the main character Rob Cole is so determined and ambitious to learn about medicine.  Please find out for yourself how beautiful this movie is and go watch it at once. You won't be disappointed!

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