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Review The Hangover Part III (2013)

genre: comedy???

Within the first five minutes the tone is set for the rest of the film. Any hope of it becoming better or redeem itself in some other way is pointless. What is supposed to be passed of as comedy is just brutality devoid of any hilarity. Sure the sheer shock of it all might cause you to laugh until you realize it. Now people having seen the previous films in the franchise know that crude humour is to be expected. Although within that they always managed to find a way to make you laugh. Here that is non existent. The end result is a comedy that hardly is a comedy and is trying too hard to be different. And by doing so is alienating what made us love the first one in the first place. Sure I appreciate the attempt. But why then not go full into another direction. It would have been pretty clever if they expanded on the heist sequence. If it were me it would have been the perfect opportunity to parody all those heist movies. What do we get instead. An increase in screen time for Ken Jeong as Chow who is vastly overrated as a comedian. I am sorry. I don't think he is that funny. He basically plays the same role over and over again. And while that might have been funny the first few times it gets tedious very quickly. Comedians like Will Ferrel and Adam Sandler also do that but still add something different each time to make it feel fresh and different. Ken Jeong does not know how to. I hate to say it but I will have to. Avoid this one like the plague. It is an utter waste of time! 

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