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10 Worst Hollywood Movies of 2013

In my opinion these are the worst Hollywood movies of 2013 of the ones I have seen thus far. I am still watching as much as I can. And if I think another title is more deserving then fear not it will be put on here. Feel free to comment and give me your thoughts on this list. Do you think I am out of my mind (answer: probably, still rarely very wrong, what do you mean stubborn or conceited)? Or do you agree? Please mention or suggest titles I must have missed. So that I can look into it. (Meaning I will watch them if I haven't seen them, then review them and judge if they belong on this list. Always willing to learn from others and expand my horizon.)


Most of you just fainted or are outraged. Well bring it on. In my humble opinion this has to be one of the worst movies made in existence.  Super Hero movies usually have to be uplifting and make you feel good. This is especially the case with Superman. Now a lot of people have defended this version of Supe saying that he still has to become the iconic character. I say bullshit to that since much of his character gets formed in his youth by his adoptive parents. The lessons he learns here are the exact opposite of what would make Superman so special apart from his powers. But ok this is all debatable. And I won't get into this too much. However, seeing this as just a film set out to entertain it also fails miserably. The action if able to watch it without getting bored was too bombastic and repetitive. Non stop action is fine with me if there is a gradual progression. Not a regression. As the film went on it got worse by the minute. Sometimes you have to give people's senses a break. There is only so much one can handle. That aside, the action is all flash and pretty but has no dramatic impact whatsoever. Which is due to the characters lacking any depth or progression. They aren't even given time to do so since strangely enough Man of Steel is one big montage where scenes overlap without any sound structure. That is fine if you take time the time to go in full detail in the scenes that are shown not if you show bits and pieces and then cut away to another scene with bits of pieces. (Click on the title or poster for more on my thoughts on Man of Steel.)

Not going to say much about this one. Since I already tell enough why I think it is pretty bad in my review of it. No point in wasting more words about it. (Click on the title and poster for the full review)

I know a very obvious one. But one that still should be mentioned if only to let the makers now that a few of us still are giving a damn and aren't taking it no more. Put a little effort into it. I know it is an easy way to make cash but come on at least try to entertain us. (Click on the title and poster for my review and comparison to Haunted House.)

Poor Melissa McCarty. It almost seems like I am out to get her personally. Well, I am sorry but how often can you play the same role without annoying people. Try to add something new at least. No matter how subtle. Oh yeah that is part of the problem isn't it? She can't be subtle. Why am I singling her out? What about Sandra Bullock? Even when Bullock doesn't go out of her way to make it extra funny she is adequate. And since McCarty is the one supposedly to give the most comic relief it is no surprise she is the one who should be critiqued the most. (Click on the title and poster to go to my full review.)

This really is painful for me. Because I like the character and how he is portrayed by Hugh Jackman. I was really looking forward to this one and Hugh never let me down before. But he did this time and how. What were they thinking? This could have been the golden opportunity to show how colourful Logan's life has been. And the adventure in Japan could have opened up several canon story lines from the comic books that could have introduced more compelling friends and foes. Sadly they ignored the comic books for the most part and tried to go for an original story (cough cough) and by doing so ruined it big time. (Click on the title and poster to go to my full review.)

So much praise and very little of it is deserving.  Don't bother with this one it is going to be a major waste of time. (Click on the title and poster for the full review.)

How this got rolled into the academy must have a more compelling story than the one told in this film.We are supposedly to root for the brave Captain which would have been impressive if the story truly was based on real events. Sadly most of what the story focuses has never happened. I am all for dramatic license if some political or economical message was the aim. Here it is to glorify a hero that never existed. Such a waste of your time. (Click on the title and poster for the full review.) 

A sequel that was completely unnecessary. If there was ever a point to Kick Ass then in this follow up it is completely lost. (Click on the title and poster for my full review)

Sylvester Stallone is an actor that very rarely disappoints. Even his worst I have liked, yes that includes his comedies Oscar and Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot you. (Although it could be argued that those films were more misunderstood and actually far better than given credit for. ) Do I then really have to explain how bad Bullet to the Head is? (Click on the title and poster for the full review)

Before I get massacred. Hear me out. I know there are a bunch of more titles more deserving to be called worse than 12 Years a Slave. However most of those don't have an ounce of the pretension that this one does have. That makes me so much more critical especially when the praise for this movie is ridiculously high. (Click on the title and poster for the full review) 

If you don't agree with my initial comments then I do ask you to read my full reviews. Maybe in there I will give you arguments you could agree or live with. If not then too bad since I do think that I make some good points. Do let me know in the comments what you think of this list.

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