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Review J. Edgar (2011)

genre: biography, drama

For what it's worth I do think that it is strange that this Eastwood film hasn't gotten the same appreciation as his other movies have. Clint does know how to tell a story even when he excludes important facts and events. We never really get to see how devious, dangerous and powerful J. Edgar was. It is something we have to assume. I don't quite understand how you can leave out something as huge and pivotal as this and focus on other aspects that at first might not seem that interesting. Still Leonardo Di Caprio is excellent. I am not sure if his portrayal was accurate or not. What I were able to see is that he carries the movie through and through. Even when you know that J. Edgar is not very well liked Caprio manages to show dark and good sides to the man. It was not a caricature, at least to me it did not seem that way. In fact it shows more good than people were expecting. J. Edgar believe it or not is a tale of love and romance. Say what now? Yes, and Clint does it tasteful too. I say give this film a chance it might suprise you. And come on has Clint Eastwood ever let you down?

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