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Review Don Jon (2013)

genre: comedy, drama, romance

Don Jon might fool people at first in being a depiction of a couple of juvenile men and their exploits with women. But instead you get to witness a young men maturing and finding what he had been looking for. Joseph Gordon Levitt stars and directs a sincere and intelligent story written by himself that I for one thoroughly enjoyed. There is a lot of subtle and less subtle criticism towards Catholic Church and guido life. But more important is the theme of discovering the difference between sexuality and intimacy. Now this does not mean that Don Jon is a perfect movie. If anything it is flawed many times. When we are being introduced to the main character for example we get to see some of his activities. Leaving out important details to bring more colour or depth to his character. Now maybe he wanted to enforce the parody by keeping characters a bit plain but by doing so the transition he goes through comes a bit sudden and convenient. Another example is that at certain points it could seem like that watching porn is put in negative context without going deeper into the subject. This gets corrected eventually but it would have been nice to have seen a more objective or positive view on pornography earlier on.On the other hand it does help open up discussion about porn and the way people look at it. So in the end these are just minor complaints. It is one of the few movies I have seen recently where a movie character progressed and evolved in just under 90 minutes. It was refreshing and definitely adds to a very pleasurable viewing experience. A must watch!

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