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Review All Hallows' Eve (2013)

 genre: horror

No one is going to admit or pretend that All Hallows' Eve is the latest addition to the finest of horror movies that this world has offered. It is flawed, cheesy and sometimes unintentional hilarious. But that said I do think it has it's heart in the right place. Because it also does a lot of things really good. Let's get the acting out of the way. It becomes clear that most actors are a little inexperienced and might not have fully grasped yet how to convey certain emotions properly. However having seen my fair share of bad movies I can say that the acting is more than adequate and is just right. It did not distract me from events. All Hallow's Eve is basically an anthology where several stories are connected to the main one. And surprisingly done in a way that there is a buildup of tension and dread. Especially since one figure keeps returning. A figure that increasingly becomes scarier and scarier. Why? Because it is one of the creepiest clowns to appear in film! For that alone I give this horror more credit than it has received. Do the stories themselves connect well to each other? No, while I appreciated the effort here is where director and writer Damian Leone failed to convince. The pacing was very mixed and made the movie drag too often. In a 80 minute film that is a little devastating. Still if you are able to overcome this then the ending will be worth the wait. Is it surprising? No! Is it effective? I think it was. All Hallows' Eve tries very hard to emulate those classic horror flicks like they only could have been made in the Eighties. And while it does not manage to bring that vibe continually the throwback alone is something I will appreciate being a child of the Eighties. Worth a look.

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