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Review John Dies At The End (2012)

genre: horror, comedy

With John Coscarelli (Phantasm franchise and Bubba Ho-tep)  at the helm I knew that whatever would be displayed on screen was not going to disappoint. And I truly found myself laughing about some incredibly bizarre events that occurred in this film. You could see the actors were enjoying themselves and largely keep it interesting. Story wise though John Dies At The End is a mess. Now people will say it is supposed to be. It is trying to make you doubt whether certain events are real or not. Then it really did not do a good job at it. In fact the ending will leave you wondering why did I even bother? What has been the point of all this? I was expecting something truly intelligent and got served one random scene after another. Very entertaining and funny but did it make sense? Not in the slightest. Does this movie even have the right to be called a horror. I don't think so. For that the balance comedy horror was way off. Gross at times. But scary or creepy? No! And this is why I was slightly disappointed with this title. I was expecting so many different things and not some modern take on Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure (which BTW is vastly superior to this). It had the potential and the premise to be haunting and creepy but fails to do so. Overall worth the watch if you aren't expecting anything other than comedy, otherwise pass this up.

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