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Review Silent Night (2012): Very loose remake of the excellent and superior horror Silent Night, Deadly Night!

 genre: horror, slasher

Silent Night is a very loose remake of the excellent and superior horror Silent Night, Deadly Night. You might be wondering if this will be worth your time then. Let us get to it. 

Santa Clause's tolerance for sinners in this flick is very low. His punishment is clear and simple: Death. But how he delivers this punishment varies. Which is very exciting to watch. Since some victims aren't really the nicest or likeable people. So you find yourself rooting for Santa to kill them. Santa rarely holds back and whenever he can, he chops them into pieces. While this was entertaining, it wasn't scary or suspenseful. Most of the events were very predictable. The backstory was minimalistic, but enough for the ones who are wondering why Santa is so angry. To me, the main character wasn't that interesting. The way she was portrayed didn't really mesh with the way she was seen. This becomes clear when Sheriff Malcolm McDowell chastises for her not being fit for the job. She constantly doubts herself, and supposedly she is going through this journey to become this badass super cop. Sadly, this transformation never really takes place as she keeps on acting as a damsel in distress. Malcolm McDowell is hamming it big time and is playing this as a parody off all those other police men in slasher movies. In this case very welcome since he provides some laughs. And reminds the viewer that this film should not be taken too seriously, even when other characters do. 

Overall, Silent Night is adequate, but the lack of suspense can make the viewing experience a little underwhelming. Compared to the original, it is a different film and still nice enough to not pass up watching when it is on. But keep your expectations low.

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