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Review Vamp (1986)

 genre: horror, comedy

Vampires in an Eighties setting what can go wrong? Well apparently quite a few things. But first the good things. Grace Jones makes quite a compelling Vampire. She does not speak at all which makes her effectively scary. From all intents and purposes the acting is sincere and taken serious for the most part. So the characters seem genuine. The cinematography is good and very atmospheric. Which brings me to the overall feel Vamp has. Unexpectedly there is a build up in suspense. You actually are wondering of what is going to happen next. However Vamp lacks punch. It never excels in either the horror element or the comedy one. In fact some jokes are so forced on you that it became painful at times. But that could have been overlooked if things were happening. And here is where Vamp fails to convince. There is not much going on. It is like the director simply follows the script as is written and was not capable of filling in the blanks to transition from one scene to another effectively. Also he does not let the vampires run around doing their stuff like they should. No one was going to take Vamp seriously. So why not let them kill and mutilate people whenever they can. Or let there minions do it.This could be because of a lack of budget or lack of imagination. Either way it dumbed down the viewing experience and made it more dull then it should have been.

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