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Review Killer Toon (2013)

a.k.a. Deo Web-toon: Ye go Sal in (2013)


Killer Toon starts very effective with nice visuals and some gruesome killings. It sets the tone of what to expect. And for a while it does bring you the scares and thrills. At that point you are not entirely sure if you are dealing with a slasher or something supernatural. And guessing what going on is very fun.

Then it loses a lot of steam. So much so that it was hard to sit through the last half hour. It then goes through what a lot of the South Korean horror movies suffer from. One twist too many. Which is fine if it has a nice pace to it. But here it takes forever to get the plot going and with lack of really likeable characters I personally did not feel compelled to stay invested or interested. Also the explanation given for what is happening is so far fetched it detracts from the enjoyment. I liked how Killer Toon try to do something fresh and therefore it's a shame it can't keep up with it. Currently feel very mixed about this. But I am leaning to recommending people to watch it for the first hour and then forget about the rest. 

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