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How to beat FINAL BOSS Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

How to beat this guy?

After pretty much breezing through the game this final boss had me stumped for a while. Because this boss requires a strategy and move I did not had to use before, not once. Your unique weapons can't be used and the parrying technique which the game did force upon you is useless. By doing all this Senator Armstrong basically is a cheap boss. Nevertheless it was fun to go against him therefore worth spending your time on beating. Besides my pride was at stake here. No way I would let a Colossus wannabe be victorious at the cost of my honour especially after the long speech he gave. First he bored me to death then he smashes me to  pulp. No!

Here is what worked the best for me:

  • Ninja Run and light attack.
  • Dodge (hop) and light attack ( You need to buy this move). 
With this move (at least in my case) the fight will be over in no time. Since you can avoid almost all of his attacks this way except for the volcano attack. 

At one point he will throw big rocks at you. Now I never really bothered in perfecting my blade time skills so I had a little trouble lining up my sword to slice these rocks so I avoided doing that. Which you can do by simply ninja run to the side the minute you can. For the ones that are successful will be rewarded with extra nanopastes. (I suggest to hold on the ones you get previously and try not use them in the Excelsus battle. I personally only needed one because I got careless. If you stay focused you won't need it at all.)

At times he will regenerate his health and emit a green glow. Attacking him randomly will be met by a block and strong counter attack. So don't. Position yourself behind him and then use Blade Time. Try to direct the angle in a way so you will be able to find his weak spot which will be marked by a red square (as it did with all of the previous enemies). Then simply chop away as much as you can. Once you hit him successfully he will be quite weak and defenceless for a while making it easy for you to diminish his health. Having the fuel cells increased or maxed out will help you out immensely.

Be prepared to do a little quick time event after but should no pose much of a problem. I will be giving my thoughts on this game in a later article.

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