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Review The Guilt Trip (2012)

genre: comedy, drama

I fully agree with the comments on this poster.

This one might have slipped by you. In a year full of comedies that mostly focus on the absurd and ridiculous you have one that actually is subtle and sincere. Actually I myself would not qualify The Guilt Trip as an actual comedy. More like a light drama that provides many laughs. What kind of laughs? Well, most of the laughs come from recognizable interactions and moments between mother and son. And this only works because of great chemistry between Seth Rogen and Barbara Streisand. Streisand is absolutely adorable as the mom. Rogen plays the son who at times is a little mean but without it being said or mentioned clearly I could relate to him. This might be slightly different for some naturally that has to do with your background and where you are in your life. Although there were some situations that were put on too thick probably for dramatic effect. Which was never intrusive or obnoxious. Most of what occurred on the screen seemed very real and believable. Overall The Guilt Trip is a nice little film that has touching moments and for the most part is very unpretentious and very enjoyable to watch.

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