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Review Now You See Me (2013)

genre:crime, heist, mystery, thriller

Now You See Me has a very interesting premise. Heists are being done by using magic. While the concept is incredibly exciting and the whole film promises to blow your mind it simply lacks to do so. It starts out pretty well where several mysteries are presented which will be on your mind until some character in the movie will give you the explanation. And I do love it when they do it if it challenges you where you go: " No, really. The answer was right there, how could I have missed that. Brilliant that is,truly". In stead it was: " Really, really, you are using the most obvious and predictable solution to this problem even when it is very improbable. The thing is, the questions that might get raised and the solutions to it so far fetched that it will have you scratch your head. Not because the solution itself was that difficult to find but because of how they got there. The film makers want to be clever for their own good and use some twists and turns that are so unlikely and far from clever that you can't but feel if they could not have thought of something better. Still maybe I just was disappointed that this was not that high tension thriller or suspenseful heist movie I had been craving for. In stead there are more than enough elements to keep people entertained. Most of the actors are competent with Woody Harrelson undoubtedly the funniest character around. Morgan Freeman as Michael Caine are severely underused. I can't stress enough how stupid it is to have these talents available and not make use of them. On the other hand you can see both Freeman and Caine laughing because it is the easiest money ever. Freeman is not even trying to act in this one. Then there is the flash and action. Visually a lot is happening on the screen and combined with the fast pace you might not even pick up the huge number of plot holes. That is if you are capable (like with the majority of blockbuster movies) to shut off your brain. Lower your expectations to a minimum and don't think too much and you will be able to enjoy it much more. If you are looking for a movie that truly makes you feel the magic displayed on the screen then I suggest  The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. But overall this is a movie that is very enjoyable if you don't expect too much.

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