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Review Genji: Dawn of the Samuarai (PS2): One of the last great hack and slash titles on the PS2!

genre: action, adventure, hack and slash
year: 2005

Genji at first seems to be one of many Japanese hack 'n slash games. Maybe it isn't as challenging as Devil May Cry 3 or one of the Onimusha games. It does however provide fun game play with the most beautiful eye and ear candy that can be created on the Playstation 2. 

Stunning graphics are combined with wonderful and atmospheric music. The story and the cut scenes aren't that special. It is a simple story about good and evil set in a historic Japan. The main characters encounter many foes and have to endure some tests. One of these tests is to train in the Golden Temple. Here they have to prove themselves to the God of Weaponry. In this level you will meet several creatures and gods that seem to be borrowed from Hindu mythology. For example, you'll meet monkeys and Shiva (I know that Japan has been influenced by many religions and cultures, but I do not know the finer points of this influence. The Shiva that is depicted in this game is similar to the one of the Final Fantasy series and is female. Very different from the the original Shiva (highest being depicted as male) from Hindu mythology) Also when one of the monkeys die their spirit immediately transfers to the one who is still alive (A fine example of reincarnation, one of the main beliefs in Hindu religion!) To me this was one of the nicest events to see and experience. One of the other main reasons to play Genji is the Kamui system! This is the ability to finish of enemies on the screen with minimal strikes in slow motion! (And for people who don't know yet I love slow motion in video games and movies.) When you get the hang of it you will use it as often as you can since this is one of the coolest, fastest and most satisfying way to get rid of the enemies. The only complaint I have about this game is the length. It is a bit short. Don't get discouraged though. After finishing the game you will unlock several modes and trials that offer more game play. I personally think Genji has to be played at least once since it has that extra something that makes it worth while. 

This is just one of many titles this developer has made that in my opinion are worth playing. One other I need to mention is Knights Contract.

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