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Review The Last Stand (2013): It is all about lowering expectations and not too get hung about what once was.

genre: action, modern day western

He said he will be back in many of his movies but after his adventure as the Governator it seemed he would not meet that promise. But apparently politic life wasn't exactly what he had hoped for. Begs the question IS HE BACK? 

As much I would like to say yes it's not easy to say it. Problem is that if the goal was to impress the world that Schwarzenegger has still got that magic that made him so enjoyable to watch him then I am not entirely convinced. Sure there were enough scenes with those typical Schwarzenegger one liners and humour but there were barely action scenes of him kicking ass which is something that made him so memorable in the first place. Now I do know that Schwarzenegger has become too old for these kinds of role and you can't expect that much from him. But the first trailer I saw hinted at an "I am too old for this shit" take on what we are used from him and that would have been awesome. A parody type like approach that could have elevated the The Last Stand into more than it is. Except from a few comedic moments mainly provided by the supporting cast the movie takes it self too seriously. And that is never good when the story is simple and predictable and the acting by main star barely tolerable.There were moments where it looked like Schwarzenegger had forgotten how to act. (Yes,I am one of the few who does think that he could do so before in the genre that made him big). It looked like Arnold was a little lost. I hear you thinking. Who does this guy think he is talking about acting in an action movie, what about the action? The action that is present is solid and enjoyable but pretty tame and mediocre especially compared to Schwarzenegger's older stuff. But most of  the hard hitting kind is more or less there in the terrific finale. 

While this was enough for me to enjoy the The Last Stand I can't hide my disappointment and saying that this has to be one of the worst movies Schwarzenegger has starred in. And not because it was that bad. More because it pales in comparison to what he is known for. Which is something you can't brush off like that. Overall it is all about lowering expectations and not too get hung about what once was. 

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