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Review A Good Day to Die Hard (2013): Odd duck in the franchise but still fun!

 genre: action

Die Hard and later sequels were examples of the more smarter action movies. Most of the action was enjoyable because of the likability of the main character John McClane and thrilling plot lines full of little twists and turns. A Good Day to Die Hard is an example where those elements are almost completely removed. Bruce Willis tries his hardest (or simply not giving a damn and refuses to take it seriously) to compensate this by treating this latest part as a parody. He is making fun of his own character and what he is about. Once you get that you can't but help laugh with him and enjoy all the silliness that you will come across. I mean from all the previous movies in this franchise this has got to be the most illogical,nonsensical and stupid plot there is. Bruce Willis realizes this and treats this like an unofficial sequel. With this in mindset this latest part becomes a blast. The action is hard hitting and over the top but nicely done. It's an improvement for Director John Moore. But honestly he is not suited to make action films like these. He does not seem to grasp what makes the action intense and exciting. Even Michael Bay understands that....(having a Transformers Dark Side of the moon flashback)......scrap that, he understood this back when when he made Bad Boys and The Rock. You should put the characters in impossible and difficult situations where it is very unlikely for them to get out alive and on top. And then have those characters do get out of those situations in the most noble and heroic ways ever. It does not work if the main characters themselves go looking for trouble or acting as idiots. My advice is treat this as a parody and you will have a lot of fun watching.  


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