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Review Mama (2013)

genre: supernatural horror

Mama is one of those flawed horror titles that does a lot of things right and is quite entertaining. Except for one big flaw. It is a very predictable affair. Don't worry, there are plenty of effective scares and thrills to get your blood pumping. But maybe a bit too effective. The scares come a little too early and are quite intense. A lot of the creepiness is very similar to the ones in Japanese horror films like The Grudge and The Ring.Which is great at first.Especially with the promise of two great background stories that can be explored But soon it becomes apparent that the scares are all there is. There is barely an explanation for why things are happening.The fact that the ghost is evil might have been sufficient way back when we weren't craving for a little depth but now that is unacceptable. I can't but help to think that this is a huge missed opportunity. In ghost stories it usually is the story with or without twists that provides the real impact. And so much could have been done with the mama character. That is why I was a little disappointed how Mama ended. To be fair though the more than competent acting by the child actors and Jessica Chastain make up for that so the experience overall is still satisfying.

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