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Review 100 Feet (2008)

genre: horror

This movie has more than enough scares and surprises to please the average viewer. Only it could have been so much more. The whole house arrest premise in combination with the (minimal) background story showed promise for a chilling setup. And the movie starts out good in building up suspense. But out of the blue the movie went from subtle to outright ridiculous where it almost changed this serious movie into a slapstick comedy. And then it switched back to subtle again. There are only a few moments where the electronic ankle bracelet is truly a handicap.(Personally I think it was an advantage because she could alert the police much more faster than normally possible.) "Disturbia" did a much better job in demonstrating how annoying it was to have such a bracelet. The second thing that I missed in this movie was a decent back story on Famke's character. Almost everybody thought that she was a bad person even when it comes to light that she was being abused by her husband. It would have made more sense to show some flashbacks on his behaviour in order to make her more likeable. But this credit has to go to Famke Janssen only because she manages to invoke sympathy even when she is supposed to portray this stone cold tough chick. To me the climax was very disappointing. Since I was hoping for some wonderful twist that could have explained the subtle build up of tension and suspense that was buried in the usual over the top special effects extravaganza used in American horror movies nowadays. This twist never comes. Overall this movie is quite enjoyable, only don't expect to be really surprised in the end.

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