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Review Moneyball (2011)

genre: sports, drama

In a talkshow I saw one day there was a topic where a certain company had developed some smart software that could help them inform professional clubs which football players to buy. In that show they showed a clip of Moneyball since the concept was similar. The idea intrigued me and motivated me to watch the movie. I was very hesitant before that since I am not really a big fan of baseball however I do like the feel good baseball movies like for example Bull Durham, Field of Dreams or Trouble with the Curve. Somehow I expected this movie to convince me of this concept by showing us how it worked. I was prepared to be be blown out of my mind. Because I am a bit sceptic when people try to predict human behaviour based on numbers and statistics. Maybe it was me but there wasn't a single event in the movie that made me take the concept or system serious. A lot of times the viewer gets distracted by the sincerity of Brad Pitt's acting but aside from him trying to do something new and getting opposition there was not much depth to him or the story. Brad Pitt makes it all very tolerable but even he can't make you forget that the pace is too slow and the film quite uneventful. It is clear we have to root for him but why exactly is never made really clear. Only in the ending there is a hint of why that is. But the way that particular scene plays out is extremely underwhelming to say the least. If there ever was a point besides to tell the viewer about this Monyball concept it was lost on me. Therefore I can't recommend this film. Unless all you need is to see Brad Pitt walking around or working out. 

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