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Review Ted (2012)


Ted (2012) is Seth MacFarlane all over. If you don't understand or like his style of comedy then you won't find this film appealing at all. MacFarlane does seem to make very rude and crude jokes like he does in Family Guy. But people who watch the show know that he is also very capable of touching sensitive subjects like friendship and nostalgia. But it is something buried within the over the top, sometimes very insulting jokes. To have a teddy bear smoking pot, cursing constantly and having sex is not something you associate a cuddly bear doing. Still because you don't expect it does make it funny. Ted in that aspect is very similar to Stewie in Family Guy. He is a cute little baby doing stuff that babies simply don't do. Not all the jokes are effective but I think it was wise not to go overboard since that would have made the film more like a cartoon. The rom com element did feel a little forced as was the villainous Giovanni Ribisi but in the end provide a very strong and effective ending. On a personal note I don't think it was really necessary to have a villain at all. There might have been subtler ways for MacFarlane to come to the ending he had. Still Ted is far more subtle than Family Guy so that is quite an accomplishment in itself. Ted is not a masterpiece by any means but it's a hilarious and even considerate film that will get to you if you are open to the whole concept.  

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