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Review Argo (2012)

genre: thriller, drama

Argo is one of those titles that has gotten a lot of attention and buzz where after having watched it you are asking yourself why that is?Don't get me wrong, for the most part Argo is decent and solid. It has a nice pace, good acting and a plot thrilling enough to get you invested to see it through to the end. But then you realize that the plot was not something to get that excited about. Sure there are some nice tense scenes where you are rooting for the characters. Only we never really get to know the characters that well. The sub plot with Ben Affleck as Tony Mendez is as cliché as it can get and serves no real purpose other than to show a little background on him. Apart from painting a black and white picture of Iranians versus Americans it never became really clear to me why the emphasis was put on the six members of the US Embassy in stead of the other 52 who were taken hostage. The viewer only gets to see one scene that is rather frightening and shocking. Especially since these hostages must have gone through hell for 14 months. How does that compare to the six who lived in luxury and relative freedom for only three months? The way it is brought there is more concern for these six than 52 people. I think that is very strange. So before you get your hopes up into seeing a nail biting thriller you do have to lower the expectations somewhat in order to enjoy it fully. Argo entertains but is never really as impressive as people make it out to be. Is Argo Oscar material? No, I honestly don't think so. The Town and Gone Baby Gone are more deserving of that.

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