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Review The Hunter (2011)

genre: drama, thriller

Contrary what you may have seen in the trailer or in previews The Hunter is not an action movie nor is it a on your edge of the seat thriller. However there is a story that does contain some suspense elements with an ending that is a little abrupt but satisfying enough. The Hunter is a film with a lot of beautiful visuals and moments that is carried by William Dafoe. He gives it the sophistication and and that extra something that keeps you interested in the events that very slowly unfold. His character is met by suspicion and is not really welcomed the people in the area except for the children and their mother where he rents a room from. Through their interactions with him we see that our main character who seems to be strict and methodical also has a gentle side. At the same time though I thought it was a little unnecessary to put in such a cliché sub plot. It only distracted from the little intrigue and seemed like it was another film altogether. The only added bonus of this particular sub plot was obviously the ending. While that was beautiful it didn't really mix with the subtleness of the whole film. The Hunter touches several subjects but never fully develops either of them. Most of them seem to be used as red herrings to a plot that has no real surprises. Apart from two relatively big emotional ones. Of which one happens off screen apparently for shock value. Only to me had the opposite effect of what it was going for. And the other was a strong and effective one that will make you think. Overall The Hunter is a film that will be enjoyable because of the beautiful scenery and William Dafoe's performance but will feel a little pointless story wise.     

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