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Review Taped (2012)


Taped is a Dutch thriller that will appeal to an international audience. The fact that Hollywood will remake this movie is proof of that. And I must say that Taped managed to hook me in to an extent. Even when it does require to overlook some flaws in logic and plot. Especially the behaviour of Saar (Susan Visser) was downright annoying sometimes. She managed to bring more trouble on themselves. Not that the husband (Barry Atsma) was cool headed all the time but at least he tried to keep it together for the both of them. In the introduction it is explained why they are there and why they are filming it. We get to see the dynamics between them and it becomes apparent their marriage is in trouble. While understandable it wasn't exactly exiting or interesting to watch. It becomes too much for them and they decide to go home at once. Here is the first flaw that doesn't make sense. It was already late and dark. Would it not have been prudent to at least rest on it and go in the morning. So they are calm enough to travel together but not enough to wait and go at a more convenient time. I know anger but even I would not give in to that impulse. Of course from this moment on everything goes wrong for them. The minute the couple get into trouble the tension never lets up until the ending. The predicament they are in is something everyone can relate to. Which is what makes the flaws so tolerable. Then there are some scenes where the main characters one minute take action and the next remain passive and not follow through. These are moments where you ask yourself how you would act or respond if you were in the same situation. Which is an interesting issue that should be discussed during or preferably after having watched the film. Close to the end there was one scene which is very powerful and to me one I totally could see happening in real life. It's a scene where the wife is hysterical and husband Johan tries to calm her down.His solution is an effective one and shows that both characters care for each other very much. Giving the movie the emotional content for one extra thrilling sequence. Taped is one I can recommend.   

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