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Review Eyewitness (1981): A little too underwhelming!


Eyewitness is not the usual murder mystery you would expect. Since it seems to be more about the characters than the intrigue. And luckily these characters are portrayed by some truly big names. Like William Hurt, James Woods, Sigourney Weaver, Morgan Freeman and Christopher Plummer.

Despite the lack of suspense there is something about the way Daryll Deever (William Hurt) our anti-hero interacts with Tony Sokolow (Sigourney Weaver). His lines when he approaches her are cheesy and comical yet effective since he delivers them with confidence. Or the friendship between Daryll and Aldo Mercer (James Woods). You wonder if these two would have been buddies if not for the Vietnam war. Also with the way Aldo is acting you never quite know what his game is. Woods is ideal for this role since he can play the most obnoxious and annoying character and still come of as sympathetic. I personally didn't care much for the political message that was interwoven in the film even if it is still a very actual topic. It came across as a bit preechy to me. This is one of those movies that I find a little hard to recommend. I mean while the acting is more than solid. It is supposed to be a thriller. And with the lack of real thrills and tension this might be a little too underwhelming for some. One to watch on a rainy Sunday.

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