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Review Razorback (1984): Plain fun!

genre: horror, creature

Warning: Shut down your brain and enjoy it for what it is!

As creature movies goes this one is highly original. Why? Because of the animal chosen. I mean a Piggy that can storm through houses like it is was made of cardboard (it probably was,but who cares)that is definitely not something I have seen before. OK the fact that it is an extremely huge Piggy makes it even more ludicrous. But come one which creature movie isn't. Razorback does have a tendency to exaggerate. If people really would act like the characters in this movie I would never go to Australia. Strange doesn't quite cover it. And surprisingly it isn't even that gory or bloody. Sure you have some scenes that would make you think twice about eating pork again. Still when it comes to the killings it is surprisingly clean. Visually "Razorback" is stunning. If you are familiar with Russell Mulcahy's Highlander than you will recognize his style. Most important for this movie is that it is fun. Hilarious even. Certainly worth your time!

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