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Review Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011): A slight improvement on the original but still not the Sherlock Holmes adaptation I was hoping for..

genre: action, adventure, mystery?

How I looked forward to the first Sherlock Holmes movie, Guy Ritchie style and how I was disappointed when the moment was there. His version was nothing like what I expect of a Holmes adaptation.Which is intrigue and suspense of the highest level with a Sherlock Holmes that has extraordinary deductive skills and intelligence that is able to solve the most difficult puzzles and cases. Robert Downy Junior was charming and made a good hero but he was barely Sherlock Holmes.

Now with the sequel Game of Shadows I really wasn't expecting much improvement. So I was surprised that I enjoyed this one better than the original. Visually it was superb. The scenery, the beautiful effects especially the ones in slow motion. Action scenes were nice although in some scenes they went over the top. I don't mind silliness or extensive use of humor. Although in a movie like this it should be backed up with something of a plot preferably clever and full of suspense. But here lies the biggest problem. As in the first this sequel offers even less intrigue which seems quite an effort in itself since the first already was very light on a really thrilling story. Instead it relies on the supposedly amazing interactions between Holmes and Moriarty. Brief moments in those intermezzos were interesting. But amazing? Not really! The title game of shadows suggests we the viewers will be witness of this cat and mouse game between the two brilliant minds. And it was something I hoped for once I saw Moriarty making an appearance. Alas it wasn't meant to be. Not once are we shown real brilliance and for this I do blame Guy Ritchie. 

I really liked Lock Stock, Snatch and RocknRolla. But everything else Ritchie has puts his hands on are average to bad. Granted both Sherlock movies are better than average but it does show that Ritchie is limited as a director. Also I did not like that he diminished the comradery between Holmes and Watson. Which made one scene in particular very unbelievable but also defeating the purpose of Watson being there in the first place. 

Overall I enjoyed Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. But was not really impressed. If you are craving for real interesting and intriguing cat and mouse plays between hero and villain then go watch Death Note the anime. It will blow your mind!

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